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Month: August 2018

Episode 138 — A Game of Knots

Episode 138 — A Game of Knots

Whosoever pulleth this sword from this rock shall, um, I don’t know, do some stuff, vanquish some folks, and then become king of someplace. Right? 4th Century A.D., 5th?

We’re talking Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain here in episode 138. That, and a bit of list nonsense, and little dram of something nice as well.

No pillaging allowed!


00:02:55 — Scooters From Hell
00:16:36 — Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain (in-depth)
01:23:29 — Oban 18 yo Ltd. Ed.
01:32:17 — The Best Games at Each Player Count (from 1-6)

Episode 137 — If At First

Episode 137 — If At First

Here ya go kids, all the way from the lands of Antiquity, episdoe 137, take 2. We sewed all the parts together and shocked it into being. Because we care.

Dr. Frankenstein


00:15:03 — What We Did on Our Summer Vacation
00:35:11 — Condottiere
00:41:04 — Legend of the Five Rings — Casual Decks Need Not Apply??
00:44:38 — Sessions: Lisboa, Shogun, Age of Steam
00:51:17 — Lost Valley
00:55:22 — Root
01:06:16 — The Music of Our Lives
01:32:15 — A Dram and a Beer (Sexton Irish Single Malt / Saint Archer Mandarina Pale)
01:38:59 — Emily Post and Gaming
01:54:53 — Antiquity (in-depth)

P.S. — We still forgot the scooters!!!