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Month: November 2020

Episode 187 — You Gotta Butter Up That Bread

Episode 187 — You Gotta Butter Up That Bread

This episode marks the beginning of our 8th year ranting and raving about games (and books (and music (and life))).

We kick it into gear with some heavy discussions of almost all of the above. Pretty much, if it ain’t broke. . . . or, if it is broke, lean into it.


00:19:09 — Whiskies
00:22:48 — Giving Thanks
00:26:36 — Our Once and Future Books
00:33:13 — On Listening
00:44:24 — The Crack of Destiny
00:58:03 — Hallertau Almost Got Me
01:02:10 — Viscounts of the West Kingdom (in-depth)
01:46:33 — The Cost (in-depth)
02:24:23 — Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman


Episode 186 — Saffron on Your Eggs

Episode 186 — Saffron on Your Eggs

Favorite mechanics? Nah.

How about a discussion of a bunch of games and the one thing each of them offers to stand out from the crowd?

One thing in one game!

Yeah, we can get into that. Follow along, if you please.

THINGS (Not just One and Two):

00:04:22 — The Election of the Century
00:26:45 — A Brief Musical Interlude (technical difficulties)
00:28:39 — Argent: The Consortium (a session)
00:32:20 — Game news?? Terra Mystica Adjacent
00:38:09 — One Thing in One Game (a list)