Episode 181 — Catchy Jazz Misfire

Episode 181 — Catchy Jazz Misfire

Shambolic: adjective —┬áchaotic, disorganize, confused.

Could we use that definition to describe this episode? Sure.
Will we? Sure.
Will You? Possibly.
Does that make it bad? Possibly.
Is it here anyway? Yup.
Is it a misfire or just some catchy jazz? You tell us.


00:02:12 — Navigating This Covid Life
00:26:21 — The Lackluster Side of Gaming
00:35:40 — Should it Stay or Should it Go: Russian Railroads
00:46:51 — Kogge
00:50:31 — The Q&A (Gloomhaven, Fae)
01:22:55 — Sleepers???????
01:49:20 — Tomatin 14 yo Port Cask.
01:52:42 — The Music We’re Hearing
02:06:50 — The Given Day, Dennis Lehane

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