Episode 190 — All Our Windmills are Tilted

Episode 190 — All Our Windmills are Tilted

This is a pretty rough and raw episode. We’re fighting off the depths of despair, the height of a Pandemic, and an attack on our way of life from the people who are sworn to protect it. Can a two-mile high frog be the hero we need to get us through this episode. Tune in and find out.


00:03:02 — Polis, Fight for the Hegemony, 2nd edition
00:10:26 — Siena
00:25:05 — Angola (session report)
01:00:15 — Cosmic Frog (in-depth)
02:07:25 — Resolutions
02:09:05 — Call to Post is a Dead Parrot
02:27:48 — No More Windmills



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