Episode 197 — Rumors and Intrigue

Episode 197 — Rumors and Intrigue

Sometimes you just can’t get things right. You find a ghost in the signal chain and try to fix it only to find you’ve made things worse. Apologies in advance for all the pops and clicks.

Among the noisy abberations you will find a fair amount of game discussion and enough salt and vinegar to properly dress your chips.


00:09:49 — Drinkin’ and Vaxxin’
00:20:06 — The Long and Winding Railroad
00:35:05 — Kickstarting, Streaming, and Video Gaming
00:52:13 — Freedom: The Underground Railroad
01:00:07 — Last Will
01:04:03 — The Sands of Time (Joe’s visit)
01:22:15 — Apocalypse Road
01:42:55 — The Red Cathedral
01:57:36 — Nidavellir
02:27:53 — Of Golden Eagles and T-Shirts


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