Episode 17 — This Ever Expanding Universe

Episode 17 — This Ever Expanding Universe

Suburbia_0008Spring Break is over and we are back to talk about board game expansions.

What do they add to game play? Are they worth it? Why such a big box? That little box is cute. Where the hell is the Trains expansion? I don’t like these giants. You’re sacrificing who to whom? You got your Carcassone in my Keyflower!

We want Trains, expanded!

Listen for the rain.

One thought on “Episode 17 — This Ever Expanding Universe

  1. My personal opinion on expansions is that they should exist to either fix mechanics that might need refining while adding new elements, add more replayability to your existing set, and/or enhance the gameplay of said game.

    My personal favorite, Sentinels if the Multiverse, gets better with each expansion in my opinion because every expansion adds new heroes, villains, and environments for a low cost of about $20. The game on its own is replayable with different card combos, but the diversity of characters and environments makes replays so much sweeter.

    On the other hand, if a game is complete and fine tuned without the need for expansions and you get a diverse game each time, even something like Trajan, then an expansion may just over do it.

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