Episode 20 — Your Deluxe Collectors’ Edition, Free Shower and Deodorant Included

Episode 20 — Your Deluxe Collectors’ Edition, Free Shower and Deodorant Included

_DSC3206We answer viewer mail in this episode.  Well, we respond to a question posed by one of our listeners.  Same thing, really.  No?

Okay, fine, so we have no viewers, but we do ramble on a little about viewing bad TV game shows, so something somewhere has been viewed.

Anyway (and I say this too many times in this episode), after quite a bit of banter to open the show we decide to address the question of whether collectible editions are good for the hobby. Are they?

And, oh yeah, those are old school Netrunner cards in that photo.

2 thoughts on “Episode 20 — Your Deluxe Collectors’ Edition, Free Shower and Deodorant Included

  1. OK, the more I listen the more I feel I may have mis-judged the situation. Kristin may indeed need a little meanness to keep her from running off the rails! I do really enjoy the banter. Concerning collectible games, I was a MtG player in the very beginning of the game also. I haven’t played in years but just received Marvel Dice Masters. I hope that this doesn’t have quite the addictive tendancies as MtG but you never know. It is simpler and quicker to play than MtG so we can hope.
    If I ever get out there to visit my brother in Portland we’ll have to play a game together!

    Keep up the great shows.

  2. I think when I originally posed the question, I was referring to “deluxe” editions of games and had Tokaido in mind due to its kickstarter. However, I like where the discussion went with those and CCGs.

    I think that while “deluxe” games are nice and kickstarter offers a great way to get them at a possibly reduced price, I often wonder if these are just cash grabs. If it were me, I know I would be a little upset that I invested in the product before and now there is a better version available that may be around the same price if not more. I am glad that companies may just sell the upgrades separately, but even then you have the cost of the upgrades almost matching that of the original game or more (I’m looking at you Takenoko!)

    On the other hand, looking at this a few weeks later, I do know there are games which offer the bonuses, but the bonuses are not required for play, yet people get up in arms about the collectible aspect as something they are entitled to by default even if the producers of such games state otherwise (see Sentinels Tactics from Greater Than Games and their minis/painted minis additions).

    No matter what though, I think we can all agree that deluxe editions look nice and that Mr. Stegmaier did a great job offering a compromise to those who wanted nice components for Euphoria, but missed on the kickstarter.

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