Episode 25 — The Timed Depth of Simple Complexity

Episode 25 — The Timed Depth of Simple Complexity

pic1904079_lgWhat creates depth in a board game? Is it a complexity of mechanics? A heavy coat of theme? Level 10 armor? Cows? A fair amount to drink?

Listen in and see if we can figure it out as we discuss some recent releases that are simple to play but offer more than meets the eye, or brain.

One thought on “Episode 25 — The Timed Depth of Simple Complexity

  1. When it comes to ratings on BGG, I always assume that it is based on enjoyment. I could care less about who made it, who the publisher is, or anything like that. If it is good, it is going to get a high rating. That said, most of my ratings tend to be in the 7-8 range due to me liking a game and wanting to play it once in a blue moon or try it out again before making a final call (7). If I like a game and want to play it again because I had a great first experience, I give it an 8. I know that’s high for BGG, but in all honesty are you really going to play anything that is lower than a BGG 5 or 6? The weight scale is a five-point scale, so my ratings are the same way.

    I have yet to play Splendor, but definitely want to one of these days. I still love Star Realms (hence why it is a 9 for me) and I enjoyed my first game of Sail to India and definitely want to play another game with 3 or 4 players (tried with 2).

    One more thing: Suggestion for a topic, what is your first game strategy? Be aggressive, lay low, or feel out the group?

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