Episode 28 — A Taj Mahal for Egypt

Episode 28 — A Taj Mahal for Egypt

Nations_0008You have a bazillion different cards that can hit the board and 8 rounds to create a civilization.  What will yours look like?  It’s episode 28 and we’re talking Nations!

And we . . . will . . . not . . . compare . . . aaahhhh!  Who’re we kiddin’, there’s no self control in this group.

4 thoughts on “Episode 28 — A Taj Mahal for Egypt

  1. If someone thinks BGG is a pain to use, then I suggest they try to use consimworld.com, which covers wargames. THAT is a real pain in the ass, which makes BGG look like the poster boy for usability.

  2. Thanks for listening Darrell! I was unfamiliar with consimworld.com until I read your message. I went over there and tried to do some navigating, and you are definitely right. Yikes, maybe we should count our blessings with BGG more often!

  3. Still listening, but you are starting to wear thin with me. Why? Because of the ways Jim treats Eric versus Kristin (sp?).

    When Eric talks, Jim quietly listens most of the time and lets him talk.

    When Kristin talks, Jim jumps in to make a snarky comment, interrupts and generally treats her in ways that are not fun to listen to.

    Just being honest. I’d like to hear you guys talk about “Yedo” by the way.

    1. Hi Chuck, thanks for listening.

      Last things first: We talked about Yedo in depth all the way back in episode 2. You can find it in our archives. We enjoyed that one. And as for Jim, he’s a mean, bitter old man (somewhat true).

      But seriously, when we do these episodes we’re just trying to have fun, and we spend so much time together that it’s easy to be more personal or snarky than we think we’re being (especially for Jim). At this point in our run we listen back to the episodes and are amused and we think we’re doing pretty well. We have talked about interruptions, and actually have a joke about raising an imaginary paddle when we want to talk.

      That said, I realize I have a very caustic wit at times, and I know I’m quick to interrupt, so it’s good to get a perspective from other ears. I definitely take your honesty to heart and will try to do better.

      I hope you’ll stick with us, and I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on the games we talk about. What’s your take on Nations? And please let us know what you think of Yedo.

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