Episode 29 — Whole Lotta Love

Episode 29 — Whole Lotta Love

CityofRemnants_0008It’s one episode before 30 (will there be a 30?) and we’ve decided to give some underplayed and undervalued games some love.

This is a long episode, which starts with a discussion about reviewing games and gives a little insight on how we approach this podcast. Β For our discussion proper we each choose 3 games and reveal them in order.

Here’s a rough idea of when we actually get to the games:

Number 3 choices — @ 20 minute mark
Number 2 choices — @ 43 minute mark
Number 1 choices — @ 65 minute mark

2 thoughts on “Episode 29 — Whole Lotta Love

  1. Hey guys – great idea for a podcast! And it’s not just because Belfort was picked as an undervalued game! πŸ™‚ Glad you all enjoy the game!

    On another note, I do have to say that I would consider Dominion to be a Euro game too! πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t compare Magic to it really – Living Card Games are more like Magic – but turning the deck building that happens pre-game for Magic into an actual gameplay mechanic is a pretty amazing idea! It’s still the most recently invented game mechanic…I think! Anywho – keep on being awesome!

    1. Hey Jay, thanks for listening in and taking the time to comment. And thanks for literally bringing Belfort to the table.

      I guess I just don’t see deck-builders as Euro games, not nearly dry enough. πŸ˜‰ I was a Magic player when Dominion hit, and in it I saw an alternative to the grind that Magic is — buy cards, design deck, play, buy more, redesign, play, redesign, buy, etc,. With Dominion I could do all that in a gaming session, and everyone is pulling from the same pool, so no arms race in getting more packs of cards. The Living Card genre is clearly a close brother of Magic and other CCGs, but I see deck-builders as close cousins, or even step-brothers. I see little resemblance to Caverna, Tzolk’in or even Belfort.

      P.S. I find Belfort to be in no way dry, hence I want it to get to the table more often. πŸ™‚

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