Episode 42 — It’s Not Your Game, It’s Our Deficiency

Episode 42 — It’s Not Your Game, It’s Our Deficiency

Suburbia_0007-2What’s wrong with us?

In opposition to those poorly received games we like, our guilty pleasures, there must be games that are well-loved and critically acclaimed which elude our ability to enjoy. Right? Surely.

We spend the Lion’s share of this episode discussing games that, despite their acknowledged goodness, one of us is unable to like. It was a fun, maddening discussion, and we hope you’ll enjoy it, or at least tell us why we’re wrong. Because we are wrong.  Very, Very wrong.


2:55 — Kickstarted Games Update
17:10 — Anticipated Games
23:05 — What’s Wrong With Us
25:48 — Tzolk’in
31:55 — Lords of Waterdeep
38:15 — Shogun
44:47 — Brass
50:00 — Suburbia
54:13 — Le Havre
61:10 — Honorable Mentions

One thought on “Episode 42 — It’s Not Your Game, It’s Our Deficiency

  1. People keeps making comments after two plays of Brass!!

    I’ll say something that you probably already heard, but I just have to say it anyway:
    If you don’t have the luck to play this game with someone with a lot of experience, as I did, you must read some strategie tips and then try to implement them. Finally only after your 5th game you start to grasp the top of the immense strategie deepness of this brilliant game.

    In the end you may not like it, though. :))

    But you’ll have an supported opinion.

    Keep up with the great podcasts.

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