Episode 44 — What’s 14 Hours Among Friends?

Episode 44 — What’s 14 Hours Among Friends?

DeadofWinter-Welcome to episode 44, the episode in which we were going to discuss GMT’s Fire in the Lake.  Yup, we’re all set to get that one on tape, but circustances continue to prove they are far from within our control as Eric is stranded at work, and even though we’ve recruited our friend T.C. to join the fun, we are unable to get things rolling.

Plan B. Guest host? check. Other games to chat about? check. Electricity? check. Single malt whisky? check. Alrighty then, Fire in the Lake and COIN to be pushed back again. Fire up the chatter about Ars Victor, Dead of Winter and Here I Stand. Enjoy.


07:47 — Kickstarted games update
11:00 — Ars Victor
23:33 — Dead of Winter
42:15 — Here I Stand

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