Episode 46 — Card Drafting and Other Mishaps

Episode 46 — Card Drafting and Other Mishaps

Red7-1We spend some time with some lighter fare and end up running all over the place in this episode. Kickstarters delivered late. Over-priced games. Greed. Greed. Sushi Go wrongly compared with 7 Wonders (I mean, come on!). Games where red cards win. More 7s. Games with shoddy components. Etc.


9:05 — quick take on Trains: Rising Sun
10:52 — IDW bungles Kill Shakespeare
21:50 — Greed (Queen games bungles)
33:50 — Card Drafting (7 Wonders, Seasons, etc.)
50:57 — Red7
52:20 — She didn’t realize it was Carl Chudyk
54:34 — Back to Red7

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