Episode 49 — Whale Blubber and Automotive Upgrades

Episode 49 — Whale Blubber and Automotive Upgrades

kanban_0005You do not mess around with Sandra. If she wants something, she wants it now, and you hop to. And don’t try impressing here with your fifth¬†upgraded part when she’s only interested in the first three. She doesn’t have time. Just make sure you’re working enough shifts and pushing those cars through in a timely order to facilitate the Automotive Revolution.

But if you want an escape you can always go to Greenland. In 1200 AD. Find yourself a fine Norse woman and settle down a while. Watch out for sharks.


01:23 — Auchentoshan
03:38 — Productive Gaming & the Sheriff of Nottingham
10:43 — More Castles for the Mad King
14:40 — Twilight Imperium III forever, and ever, and ever. . . .
18:20 — A Word about Streamlining
19:40 — Kanban: Automotive Revolution (review)
38:26 — Greenland (review)

2 thoughts on “Episode 49 — Whale Blubber and Automotive Upgrades

  1. You can always be able to pick up the cars you just pushed off the line. You just may need to pick the two shift slot in the testing and innovation.

    The game should not have an AP problem. All the mechanics in each dept are very simple. The game has a natural rhythm. Get plans, get parts, build cars, test cars or upgrade cars….once you get the rhythm the AP goes away.

  2. Thanks Paul, yeah we were beginning to see how it all tied together toward the end. We should be getting it out for repeated plays and hope to have some 4-player sessions with experienced players.

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