Episode 52 — The People, Yes We Are!

Episode 52 — The People, Yes We Are!


Over two long play sessions we’ve decided the fate of post-war Germany five times over, and we’ve survived to tell the tale. Just how good is Histogame’s Wir Sind Das Volk!, and can it rise above GMT’s cold war competition? Can these game designers take the ridiculous and make it sublime? Will we come to grips with the way whisky is rated? And why is the sky blue?

Join us on this magical journey back to the middle of the 20th Century and find out. Mostly.


00:42 — BenRiach 10 Year-old Curiositas
02:57 — Ratings: Theirs, Ours and Everyone’s
09:30 — Wir Sind Das Volk! (very full review)

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