Episode 56 — But Now We’ve Got a New Machine

Episode 56 — But Now We’ve Got a New Machine

WalledCity_0001Takin’ the heavy down a notch or four from last week, we’re controlling areas in Londonderry and rollin’ bones in space forĀ episode 56. Still, there’s plenty of meat in these titles, and plenty of flavor bringing us back for more.

Thank you, sir, may I have another?


02:22 — GlenDronach, The Original 12 Year-old
05:50 — Bidness
09:45 — Playing From The Shelf Challenge
12:53 — The Punchies!
15:25 — GameStorm & Other Possible Appearances
19:43 — The Walled City: Londonderry & Borderlands (review)
53:10 — Roll for the Galaxy (review)

4 thoughts on “Episode 56 — But Now We’ve Got a New Machine

  1. Nice podcast.

    However, it shouldn’t be a criticism that a game allows decisive players to shine (i.e. the criticism lobbed at Race for the Galaxy, saying it allows for blow-outs).

    I haven’t played Roll, but I’m one of those “over 150 plays of Race” people. That said, everything else I agree with. Race can be intimidating, and I don’t even try to turn new people on to it anymore.

    1. Hi Anarchosyn,

      Thanks for listening and posting your thoughts. I hope you get a chance to play Roll. As a member of the Race 150+ club, I wholeheartedly endorse it. I also don’t see it as a replacment for Race but a great game on its own merits that really captures the spirit of Race in a new way.

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