Episode 58 — And We Forgot to Mention the Cool Names

Episode 58 — And We Forgot to Mention the Cool Names

BH2045_0001Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in two weeks but Baseball Highlights: 2045 reported to Punching Cardboard yesterday, so we’re getting a jump on the action. We’ve got cyborgs, we’ve got robots, we’ve got naturals, and we’ve got a card game with a fairly unique take on the¬†sport of baseball that should allow access for anyone with even a passing interest.

We also discuss (ahem!) the avalanche of games either hitting the table or pending, and whether this is a good thing or not (Eric: Yes! – Jim: NO!). All this and a short preview of 1714: The Case of the Catalans lie ahead. Tread carefully (except with the Baseball part because that is a gentile, pastoral sport).


00:42 — Powers, John’s Lane Release
05:18 — They¬†Were Just There Not to Get Fined
14:49 — Too Many Games (Argue: Fight)!
31:09 — New Dice For Quantum
33:45 — Game Weight. 1714: The Case of the Catalans (preview)
39:16 — Baseball Highlights: 2045 (review)
75:42 — The Two Stories of Kickstarter

4 thoughts on “Episode 58 — And We Forgot to Mention the Cool Names

  1. Nah, Kristin’s not afraid of us. She was just here a week ago for an evening of gaming, and if she had the time and wherewithal she’d be behind the other mic. Plus, much more bark than bite going on. That said, I expect us to be much more agreeable on Episode 59

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