Episode 60 — The Obfuscation of Feigned Complexity

Episode 60 — The Obfuscation of Feigned Complexity

Aquasphere_0001You asked for it, and you got it. We take a deep look at Deus in this episode, a game that has divided our opinions like no other before it and quite possibly none that will come after. And then we go deeper, exploring the depths of Stefan Feld’s oceanic research labs in Aquasphere, because we all live in some sort of colorful submarine. With robots. And Crystals. And a laser barrier between us and our point salad.


06:45 Deus (review)
42:25 Aquasphere (review / impressions)

2 thoughts on “Episode 60 — The Obfuscation of Feigned Complexity

  1. Unfortunately, at this point, I am going to unsubscribe form this podcast. Think there was some solid potential here at the beginning when it was the three of you, but after Kristin left after episode 30 and listening to non-retuning guest hosts, I feel that Jim might have run off what could have been a very entertaining show. Every episode seems to have Jim complaining about mic placement affecting the sound when I could discern on noticeable difference, Jim rudely interrupting when someone else attempts to make a counter point, and Jim’s constant sighing and grunting over the mic when he disagrees with whatever point his cohost is trying to make. If the format changes, I might be inclined to listen again, but honestly I think Eric and Kristin any surviving cohosts would be better served to go off and create their own podcast.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for listening to the show and for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing from our listeners, even if their experience wasn’t as good as we might hope. It helps us think about things that we might want to improve upon going forward.

    For the record, I feel compelled to point out that Jim hasn’t run anybody off of the show. Yes, he can be vocal and opinionated, but we are all adults here and can handle anything that he can dish out. He also does so much to drive the podcast forward that he may not get credit for. From providing the sound equipment, the space to record, updating the website, taking care of all of the hosting site technicalities, opening his home to group game nights and yes, at least in my opinion, thoughtful commentary on games.

    Anyway, I understand that ulimately it is about your listening experience and if you don’t enjoy the show, those other things probably don’t matter as much. But we are friends here, despite the fact that we disagree and things can sometimes get a little heated. In fact, that’s one of the aspects of my friendship with Jim that I value most; we can disagree strongly but it doesn’t get in the way of our love of games or come between us as friends.

    Again, thanks for your time in listening to our show!

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