Episode 70 — Time to Get the Blower Out

Episode 70 — Time to Get the Blower Out

SylvionWell, this one certainly got away from us, didn’t it? Our docket looked thin with a new idea, a few apologies, a clarification of mission, and a few game summaries, but somehow we reached the two hour mark.

I guess we didn’t expect our summaries to become full blown reviews, and we also forgot to factor in the fun we were having. I imagine not recording in three weeks played a role as well. Just more of us to love, I guess.


02:05 — Sylvion (review)
33:30 — All Apologies
40:00 — Ardbeg Corryvreckkan
52:11 — Secret Question #1
59:55 — The Hitchhikers Guide to Punching Cardboard (Mission Statement)
72:55 — Future Scheduling
74:57 — Asgard (unexpected review)


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