Episode 111 — Lipstick and Burnt Oak

Episode 111 — Lipstick and Burnt Oak

Time passes quickly, leaving in its wake a trail of unanswered questions.

What was Heavy Con really like? Are the people of  Denver as fragile as the Wicked Witch of the West? Are auteurs better at making games? Has Unfair received fair treatment? Can Whiskey be made in a castle. Why do we continue to enjoy Splotter games?

Well, have no fear about the unknown. We’re here to try and sort this mess out. Feel free to play along at home.


00:04:46 — Heavy Con
00:19:15 — A Very Opulent Palace
00:20:28 — Colorado Rain
00:25:58 — Knappogue Castle 12yo Irish Single Malt
00:36:44 — Unfair (first take & rant)
01:07:14 — Q&A #1: HiFi
01:14:22 — Q&A #2: The Auteur vs. the Committee
01:35:16 — Splotter Games, an Overview

One thought on “Episode 111 — Lipstick and Burnt Oak

  1. Hey guys thanks for the post hype detailed discussion of Unfair. We are glad you guys and your partners enjoyed it.

    We particularly like that you took the time to consider the game for what it was after a bunch of plays and explored all the strategic nuance of the building, event boosting vs spiking and goal chasing play. You touched on most of the key elements that we think makes Unfair a fun mid weight strategy game filled with interesting decisions.

    Your listeners can explore more about whether the game is right for them and even more strategy stuff here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1775375/new-unfair-take-tour We also have a free Print and Play available there.

    And re the hype train… I appreciate it can seem a little much but we had a year of promotional leadup in many online design and Kickstarter circles, then a blast of KS promotions and reviews throughout the campaign, then another bunch as we hit retail for the wider audience. As publishers releasing games amongst thousands of games released every year, and that want to reach their maximum audience we have little choice but to do whatever it takes to get on gamers radars. But we take your point about needing more considered post hype reviews and agree entirely. We will seek more deep delves like this over the coming months because as you spotted we have plenty more modular content to expand and deepen the game to come.

    Thanks again 🙂

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