Episode 131 — Jackie’s Porch, Every Tuesday Night

Episode 131 — Jackie’s Porch, Every Tuesday Night

Bruce may be dropping the needle and saying a prayer over at ol’ Mary’s place, and Frank’s ghost sure as hell is still jammin’ over at Joe’s garage, but there’s a cool breeze on a warm evening over here on Jackie’s porch.

We’ve got a little bourbon neat, a few slices of pie and some fancy cards; it’s a juxtaposition of thinkiness and relaxation. Come on over and join the band.


00:02:07 — No Con For You!
00:08:16 — A Burning Question #1: Why Portland?
00:25:38 — Joe’s first Magic experience
00:42:18 — The Fail Us of Caylus
00:46:17 — Knob Creek 9 yo Small Batch
00:52:05 –Thinky Music: Dan Weiss’ Starebaby, Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense, Giraffes? Giraffes!
01:08:31 — The Notness: Conquest of Paradise (in-Depth & Session)

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