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Episode 70 — Time to Get the Blower Out

Episode 70 — Time to Get the Blower Out

SylvionWell, this one certainly got away from us, didn’t it? Our docket looked thin with a new idea, a few apologies, a clarification of mission, and a few game summaries, but somehow we reached the two hour mark.

I guess we didn’t expect our summaries to become full blown reviews, and we also forgot to factor in the fun we were having. I imagine not recording in three weeks played a role as well. Just more of us to love, I guess.


02:05 — Sylvion (review)
33:30 — All Apologies
40:00 — Ardbeg Corryvreckkan
52:11 — Secret Question #1
59:55 — The Hitchhikers Guide to Punching Cardboard (Mission Statement)
72:55 — Future Scheduling
74:57 — Asgard (unexpected review)


Episode 68 — Get to Zero and End in Shame

Episode 68 — Get to Zero and End in Shame

PolisToday we head back in time, and without the help of a TARDIS.

We drink some finely aged Scotch and discuss a finely aged band, and then we dart back to the beginning of the 20th Century and explore the great age of yellow journalism. But it all still seems so modern, so we head for the way way back machine and go play with a couple of ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean.

It’s just all so historical. Maybe more than we can fathom, but we go anyway, because it’s what we do. Come along for the ride.


05:20 — Ardbeg Uigeadail
12:03 — The Waterboys, Modern Blues
19:36 — Baseball Highlights Expansion News
22:37 — Penny Press (impressions)
45:20 — Polis: Fight for the Hegemony (in-depth)
107:10 — Fight the Power!!