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Episode 193 — Cramps and Calluses

Episode 193 — Cramps and Calluses

Hey kids, it’s No-fun February, 2021 edition. And this February has been the most No-fun in years.

We’ve got your ice storms and power outages and never-ending pandemics and Criminal Orange-men still on the loose. All that and so much more.

However, rebels that we are, we try and make something out of this mess and talk some games, both video and board. We discuss some music and get back on track with the books. And yeah, yeah, we also gripe about and question everything else under the pandemic soaked sun. We are who we are after all.

Welcome to the fun-house! Enjoy all the mirrors.


00:31:15 — A Destiny 2 Session to Die for (over and over and over again)
00:52:23 — Antike II
01:00:20 — Race for the Chinese Zodiac
01:22:05 — Slay the Spire
01:26:37 — Some Renewed Energy, Baseball Draft Style
01:40:33 — Not Too Long for Whatever it is
01:53:59 — Tunes: Shame, The Besnard Lakes and Transatlantic Revisited
02:17:12 — Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead, by Olga Tokarczuk

Episode 187 — You Gotta Butter Up That Bread

Episode 187 — You Gotta Butter Up That Bread

This episode marks the beginning of our 8th year ranting and raving about games (and books (and music (and life))).

We kick it into gear with some heavy discussions of almost all of the above. Pretty much, if it ain’t broke. . . . or, if it is broke, lean into it.


00:19:09 — Whiskies
00:22:48 — Giving Thanks
00:26:36 — Our Once and Future Books
00:33:13 — On Listening
00:44:24 — The Crack of Destiny
00:58:03 — Hallertau Almost Got Me
01:02:10 — Viscounts of the West Kingdom (in-depth)
01:46:33 — The Cost (in-depth)
02:24:23 — Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman


Episode 149 — Stupid and Doomed

Episode 149 — Stupid and Doomed

We execute all the plans we never had. Rather, we have no plan and decide to abandon the plan we don’t have. In other words, this one is just a loose conversation touching on a slew of games, a couple artful albums, and a damn fine dram of whisky.



00:15:08 — Sessions (Game of Thrones, Aquasphere, Calimala, Thunder Alley, Agra)
00:35:05 — Destiny 2 00:36:50 –Civ Games
00:53:51 — Kilchoman 2008 Single Malt
01:02:16 — Music (Dan Mangan, Charles Lloyd, Lucinda Williams)
01:20:18 — Q&A

Episode 148 — Enmity Crystals

Episode 148 — Enmity Crystals

Some Games. A Dram. A good book.

Need More? Thought not.


00:16:11 — Feudum Revisited
00:30:11 — The Return of the Video Game (Civ 6, Endless Space 2, Destiny 2)
00:53:34 — The Glendronach 15 yo Single Malt
01:02:17 — New Frontiers (First Take)
01:13:26 — Smartphone Inc. (In-Depth)
01:56:40 — The Relic Hunter