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A Whiskey for the End of the Worm, Part 5

A Whiskey for the End of the Worm, Part 5

Struggling for sanity, we put together another installment of our virus lockdown series.

In this one we answer the question, which five non-GMT titles should’ve been developed and published by GMT? There might be something about someone getting drunk as well.

Hopefully this will distract you for a little while.

Episode 173 — Raw Nerves, Live Wires

Episode 173 — Raw Nerves, Live Wires

Live from Portland, the 173rd stop on our world tour, presented in it’s entirety without cuts or overdubs, our latest show in all its glory.

Will there be technical difficulties? Yes.

Will we stumble trying to answer tough questions? Possibly.

Will it be good? Sure?


00:11:31 — Freedom of Thought or Just an Illusion
00:28:40 — Unhelpful Billionaires
00:31:12 — Bruxelles 1897
00:41:13 — Ora et Labora for Two?
00:44:59 — Table Top Simulator
00:47:20 — Barrage: The Leeghwater Expansion
00:58:59 — A Daily Dose of Metheny, Shakaba and the Ancestors
01:09:13 — Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
01:12:39 — Top 5 Mechanisms, sort of.
01:24:20 — Top 5 GMT Games
01:33:02 — Watch Outnumbered.