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Episode 195 — Infinitely Acceptable

Episode 195 — Infinitely Acceptable

Winter is gone. The Sky is clearing. Birds are singing. Bees are buzzing. Temperatures are warming. Discussions are getting heated.

Welcome to the latest installment of As the Cardboard Turns.


00:29:36 — Lots: A Game of Weights and Measures (friendly game announcement)
00:33:45 — Little Bits: Dominant Species Marine (initial take)
00:42:58 — Merv (Joe’s take)
00:50:40 — Blackout: Hong Kong (Joe again)
00:58:15 — The Magnificent (forgotten short take)
01:11:30 — Maharaja: The Game of Palace Building in India (no take)
01:16:38 — It’s a Wonderful World : Corruption and Ascension (in-depth)
01:20:38 — Stellar Horizons (in-depth session)
01:59:15 — Rusty Brown, by Chris Ware
02:08:22 — Pagan Virtues, by Stephen Dunn