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Episode 72 — An Entourage of Swift Canoes

Episode 72 — An Entourage of Swift Canoes

20150604_131108You want a discussion about a lot of board games? You’ve come to the right place. We make good on our promise to catch up on what we’ve been playing, which results in some “near” reviews of several games.

Plenty of cardboard related talk in this one. And a Green Spot toast to some deserving new champions who have a very large cup to carry around all Summer.


00:30 — Captain Serious and the Showtime Kid (Duncan Keith too.)
04:19 — Business
09:55 — Bring on the Cavalcade of Games
10:15 — Oh No, It’s the Watch Patrol!
18:00 — Rune Age
22:03 — Chimera
37:24 — Lewis & Clark
50:56 — Depth to Length, a Litany
62:25 — The Secret Question (#3)
64:54 — Dungeon Lords (You Will Play This Game)

Episode 53 — The First Time Ever I Saw Your Meeple

Episode 53 — The First Time Ever I Saw Your Meeple

2014-12-21 16.33.55Well, it’s that time of year, the time when everyone climbs all over everyone else to get their Top 10 lists up and running. We’re no different here at the PCP, so we have some lists for you too. However, we are different enough to put a little spin on the exercise. So,  mainly because we’ve yet to play all the major 2014 releases, here are the top games we played for the first time in 2014.

Yeah, bet you didn’t see that coming.

Of course, rather than keep it simple, we throw other lists at you first: Disappointments, games that need to be played more, honorable mentions. In other words, we talk about a lot of games in this one. Help you somebody!


08:20 — What We’re Doing
09:00 — Friendless Stats
10:48 — Disappointments
26:27 — Need More Plays
44:35 — Honorable Mentions
64:17 — The Top 10 Games We Played For the First Time in 2014