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Episode 186 — Saffron on Your Eggs

Episode 186 — Saffron on Your Eggs

Favorite mechanics? Nah.

How about a discussion of a bunch of games and the one thing each of them offers to stand out from the crowd?

One thing in one game!

Yeah, we can get into that. Follow along, if you please.

THINGS (Not just One and Two):

00:04:22 — The Election of the Century
00:26:45 — A Brief Musical Interlude (technical difficulties)
00:28:39 — Argent: The Consortium (a session)
00:32:20 — Game news?? Terra Mystica Adjacent
00:38:09 — One Thing in One Game (a list)


Episode 158 — Wind Shear on the Tarmac

Episode 158 — Wind Shear on the Tarmac

It’s been a pretty lazy Summer here in the Pacific Northwest; hence, we are pretty lazy at the moment.

We find ourselves without a deep take on a game here, so we wander lazily around a number of game sessions and offer up some first impressions. This one’s really pretty much about playing games.



00:16:35 — Joe’s Light Game Roundup
00:25:41 — Play it Now! Games with 2 Players
00:36:49 — Food Chain Magnate (session)
00:45:22 — Too Light & Too Long: SpaceCorp?
00:50:17 — Pipeline (first take)
00:56:43 — Lords of Hellas (first take)
01:11:10 — Agra & Lowenherz (on the table again)
01:13:41 — Crusader Kings (first take)
01:23:16 — Outpost (first take)
01:28:48 — Star Wars: Outer Rim (first take)
01:41:20 — Call to Post (session)
01:49:10 — Not 2:18 (was something cut?)


Episode 150 — For Example, to Exemplify

Episode 150 — For Example, to Exemplify

Welcome to our 150th episode extravaganza! And by extravaganza we mean the same ol’ same ol’. A few games, an album, a book, some banter, a disagreement or two.

Parades and fireworks not included.


00:12:44 — Great Western Trail: Rails to the North (in-depth)
00:40:46 — Lowenherz (session)
00:59:43 — Mercury Rev, Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited
01:14:20 — Quartermaster General: The Cold War (in-depth session)
01:48:00 — Spoonbenders, Daryl Gregory
02:20:25 — The State of the Podcast
02:39:22 — Loss

Episode 146 — A Sideways Look in the Rearview Mirror

Episode 146 — A Sideways Look in the Rearview Mirror

Here it be.

Our annual look back. Our listaganza. The episode where we talk all about the best games, whiskies, and albums we encountered the previous year. You ask for it and we provide it. Or, maybe you don’t ask for it, but here it is anyway.

So take a listen and see if we are remotely close to where last year took you.


00:02:30 — January’s Book
00:12:43 — The Music Lists
01:07:47 — The Games Lists
01:58:40 — The Games Honorable Mentions
02:05:45 — The Whisk(e)y Lists
02:23:25 — Outro: Odds, Ends and Deliberations

Episode 143 — Those Old Technologies

Episode 143 — Those Old Technologies

The boys are back in town and doing well, and all is right with the world. In this episode, the BGG CON experience and a smattering of games, both old and new.



00:09:20 — Another Year?
00:12:06 — December’s Book Selection
00:22:26 — The BGG CON Experience
00:31:25 — Crayon Rails (Martian Rails, Iron Dragon)
00:43:15 — Lowenherz
00:48:02 — Web of Power
01:05:01 — Random Shout-outs
01:08:47 — The Mayor of Eurotown
01:14:13 — Hockey Game Hijinks
01:29:19 — Underwater Cities
01:47:02 — Blackout: Hong Kong