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Episode 177 — Vape Spasms

Episode 177 — Vape Spasms

With Joe still on the road, two of the masterminds behind the upcoming Spielworxx game The Cost, Armando Canales and Lyndon Martin,  join Jim in a wide-ranging discussion of games, game-states and playing manners.

In addition, Jim finds out just how wrong he’s been all these episodes.


00:06:00 — A differing opinion on Tank Duel
00:17:50 — Group Losing
00:26:54 — Trick Taking Responsibilities
00:42:43 — Player Manipulation
00:49:08 — Hate Drafting
00:53:48 — Takin’ it Back
01:01:03 — Pulling Levers: Math vs. Art
01:15:46 — The Cost (designer insight)